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Dubai Cruise

Dubai & Aribian Gulf Cruise



 Day        Port of Call   
Day 1   Dubai, United Arab Emirates   6:00 PM   
Day 2   Fujairah                                       9:00 AM  6:00 PM  Docked  
Day 3   Muscat, Oman                            9:00 AM  Docked  
Day 4   Muscat, Oman                            6:00 PM  Docked  
Day 5   Cruising      
Day 6   Abu Dhabi,united Arab Emir.   8:00 AM  6:00 PM  Docked  
Day 7   Dubai, United Arab Emirates   8:00 AM  Docked  


Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Believe everything you've heard about Dubai - it truly is that incredible. Honestly, where else on earth can you ski both in a shopping mall and out in the desert? As one of the world's fastest growing cities, Dubai has emerged as a premier luxury travel destination, drawing visitors from all over the globe. Its dry and sunny weather, incredible shopping experiences, and unique tourist attractions have helped to turn it into a bona fide hot spot where ancient and modern cultures come together. 

The mountainous landscape of Fujairah strikes a bold contrast with the other Emirates, which are primarily blanketed by desert. The weather is seasonal, though generally warm year-round, with an occasional rainy season in the winter months. Fajairah's unique geography, rich history, unspoiled natural beauty, and ultra-modern urban development draw tourists and business from around the world. 

Muscat, Oman
As one of the Middle East's oldest cities - dating back to the 2nd century AD, it's hard to believe that Muscat has been open to tourists for only a few decades. But seeing is believing! From the beautifully manicured parks and long, unspoiled stretches of beach to the stone moat that still surrounds the area, it is clear that Oman's monarchy has worked hard to protect the rich history and small, safe neighborhood feel of its capital city. 

Abu Dhabi,united Arab Emirates
The largest of the seven emirates by area, Abu Dhabi accounts for over 80% of the total land area of the United Arab Emirates. This emirate combines tranquil beaches and desert oases with some of the most vibrant city life in all the UAE. It's hard to believe Abu Dhabi was just a quiet fishing and pearling village for centuries, but the discovery of oil has recently transformed this capital city into one of the wealthiest and safest tourist destinations in the world.