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Now Jade Riviera Cancun All Inclusive Resort If ever there was a time and place to escape the eve...

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Safari Honeymoons

Experience a honeymoon like no other on safari in Africa. Travel Focus can tailor make the perfect safari experience for you. You can mingle with the vast elephant herds in Botswana, or visit the lion and tigers  in South Africa. Namibia's vast open spaces are home to a wealth of birds and animals. Broaden your honeymoon holiday horizons by going on safari.


South Africa

Once you have experienced South Africa, it captures your heart and beckons you back, time and time again! Sitting in an open land rover whilst less than 15 feet away of a pride of lions is a sight to behold. Read More >>



The fascinating & unique country of Namibia is full of wide horizons, endless stretches of golden desert dunes and rocky plains so unusual they don't seem to come from this world. Its vast open spaces are home to a wealth of birds and animals. Read More >>



This is one of the world’s last true unspoilt wilderness areas. A vast country with huge populations of game makes it a prime safari destination. Read More >>