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Planning a trip to Australia? 

We're here to help


We work with many differant airlines to find you the very best itinerary and airfare for your trip.  

Things to consider when booking your flight:

  • Routing; Do you want to stop-over on your way to Australia?
  • Flight connection times
  • Length of flights


 Unless you are an Australian or New Zealand citizen, you will need a visa to enter Australia. 

Travel Focus can arrange a holiday visa for you if you hold an Irish passport.


Australia’s climate varies across the continent, from hot and tropical in the far north to cool

and even snowy in the south. Seasons are the opposite to those in the northern hemisphere.

Time zones

Australia has three time zones: Eastern Standard Time (EST) for the eastern states, Central

Standard Time (CST) for the Northern Territory and South Australia and Western Standard

Time (WST) for Western Australia. CST is half an hour behind EST and WST is two hours behind EST. 


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